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Career & college readiness is changing...

Our definition of postsecondary success has changed. Today, 45% of parents wish their kids had more options available beyond traditional college pathways*, making it more important than ever that K-12 education rethink postsecondary support.

The landscape of Career and College Readiness (CCR) is evolving at a breakneck speed—including state policy regulations, student academic and career planning requirements, and the research-backed CCR best practices prescribed for students and staff.
But before school leaders can innovate, they need to know what’s working… and what’s not. 
The Career and College Readiness Benchmark Initiative was created by a coalition of leading education organizations to provide school and district leaders with transparent data on how they stack up.

Why take the self-assessment?
The Career & College Readiness District Self-Assessment is a free auditing tool designed to provide school and district leaders with a comparison of their district's performance against CCR best practices.

All participants will receive a copy of the Career and College Readiness Benchmark report and contribute to an open-source initiative providing much-needed transparency and data to drive the future of postsecondary success.
*2021 Gallup - Family Voices: Building Pathways From Learning to Meaningful Work

How It Works:

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1. Complete the self-assessment

Take the 15-20 minute survey reflecting on your school district's CCR practices
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2. View your results

Receive an email with your custom report breaking down five key CCR areas
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3. Get the K-12 Benchmark report

Compare your scores to national results segmented by geography and student size


Who can take the self-assessment?


The free benchmarking survey was designed to capture perspectives from multiple levels—so it's appropriate for any school or district leader. The best practices cover K-12 grades with a focus on middle school+. Most districts find the highest value in collecting data from multiple stakeholders (e.g. Director of CTE, Director of Counseling) to identify internal misalignment and build buy-in around the results.

What does the Career & College Readiness (CCR) Benchmark report cover?


The report compares scores across five core sections of CCR:
1 - Providing a Range of Postsecondary Options
2 - Data & Key Metrics
3 - Support & Expectations
4 - Stakeholder Communication
5 - Tools & Resources

Download the full 2021-22 K-12 CCR Benchmark Report here.

Who designed the Career & College Readiness (CCR) Benchmark?


The CCR Benchmark Initiative is a collaboration between multiple K-12 education organizations with expertise in career and college readiness. The self-assessment was designed with WGU Labs, an affiliate of Western Governors University. The report and follow-up resources will be compiled by MajorClarity, with aligned resources provided by the National Technical Honor Society and Paper.

How should I use the CCR Benchmarks in my district?


The Career and College Readiness Benchmarking Initiative is designed to help district leaders improve their own CCR efforts through transparent data and a common set of best practices.

Examples for using the District Self-Assessment:
- Gather baseline data for grant applications and school improvement plans
- Take as a team and debrief results to build buy-in around CCR initiatives
- Complete the benchmark as a pre- and post-assessment, to track longitudinal shifts in CCR organizational efforts

Examples for using the CCR Benchmark Report data:
- Prioritize initiatives and spending by comparing your scores to national averages
- Engage stakeholders with a team discussion about relevant excerpts from the report
- Build buy-in for CCR initiatives and improve grant requests with national data about CCR needs

Still have questions? Email us at research@ccrbenchmarks.com

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